Our ingredients

Green Leaf
Green Leaves

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We promise to create clean sustainable products using only natural ingredients.

We put in: pure minerals, nutrient rich plant oils, natural essential oils, organic and repurposed botanicals 


We leave out: toxic chemicals, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes

Our packaging

We commit to use sustainable and minimal packaging. We're currently working with suppliers to be completely plastic free!

We use: recyclable glass containers, aluminium lids, biodegradable labels and cardboard boxes

We don't use: non-recyclable materials

Why: our planet is in crisis and we want to help create a better greener future

We ask you to think about your impact on the environment and please reuse, recycle or return your empty packaging.

Reuse: get creative and find a new use for your empty container, check out our REUSE highlight reel on instagram and make sure to tag us in your creations

Recycle: all of our packing is recyclable. By recycling, you're not just making a difference for future generations, you're doing something that is important right now!

Return: if you'd like to return your empty container, we will wash and reuse it! In return you will receive 10% off your next purchase, for return details please contact us at