OUR Story



Eunoia (u-noi-ah) means a well mind, beautiful thinking, a feeling of goodwill. Eunoia Naturals is an all natural sustainable skincare  company based in Surrey, UK. 


My passion for sustainable skincare began whilst living in Australia, surrounded by the ocean I was inspired to live a more conscious sustainable lifestyle and ditch plastics. I became super passionate about what I was putting into and onto my body and the packaging it comes in. I made the swap to natural, vegan products and started experimenting with making my own. 


Upon returning from Australia (a little strapped for cash) I began gifting my handmade products to friends and family at birthdays and special occasions. Everyone seemed to love them and so my passion to share sustainable skincare grew.


After plenty of research and an organic skincare course, I took the plunge. I created a body scrub collection in my kitchen, started selling them at local vegan sustainable markets and so my little business began!

Maddi x